Monday, January 14, 2008

Fun with Scissors

Or not-fun, to be more accurate.

I cut Toddlerness' hair. Now that she's three, I should probably think of something else to call her...but I digress...

If there is anything harder than cutting a three year old's hair, it is getting a photo of that haircut. It took like 50 pictures to get ONE where you could tell what was going on with the hair. It is WAAAAY shorter than I was aiming for but DANG that girl was squirmy, even when I gave her a huge bag of jelly beans and told her to pick out a favorite. Still, she eventually calmed down enough for things to get roughly even (even if the final level was some 2 inches above what I'd originally hoped for). Not a perfect haircut by any means, but we'll survive. And by the time she's ready for another haircut, she had better damned well also be ready to sit still for a few minutes.


1 comment:

~L~ said...

what a perfect cut for her! she looks a lot older, now though!

Wow Mama!