Monday, January 14, 2008


In an ocean of school work.

We had an awesome week, with first my sister and then my brother visiting. Did all kinds of fun stuff; the zoo, the park, fires in the yard, lots of fun. The kids were burned out by yesterday, and had a pretty crabby morning - but by evening they'd levelled out, and then went to bed early of their own volition.

My siblings have been on a childhood-memories kick lately. The gifts they got us this year are awesome. Fairy Tale Theatre on DVD! There were even a couple we managed to miss as kids. Strange, many of them, but the kids love it, and I'm getting a real kick out of it. LittleBrother got us something very like this, which elicited happy childhood memories (including one of my dad making a mad dash across the living room, blowing wildly, after it had crashed to the carpet).

Meanwhile, the tide of school work has come up on me, beginning with an artificially short four-day first week.

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