Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Start-Of-Quarter Vent

Yesterday was suppposed to be the start of the quarter at Seattle Midwifery School. This afternoon I got access to partial syllabi for most of my classes. My financial aid is still up in the air.

Why is this so hard? This is the process, quarter after quarter, year after year. This school wants to be a model of professionalism in midwifery - but this is the kind of shit that happens time after time after time. It isn't even different shit each time..it is the same shit. Late syllabi, late course openings, students/school not knowing or understanding their financial aid paperwork and packages.

This reminds me of those people that are chronically late. That can't leave the house on time ever, because they always seem to not give themselves enough prep time or traffic time or fuck-up wiggle room. The solution to those of us who are generally on-time kinds of people seems really simple - start getting ready earlier. The same advice would apply, or one would think, at Seattle Midwifery School. Chronically late with the syllabi? Why continue to delude yourselves into thinking you can get it done better and faster this quarter? Start the crunch earlier. Move up those deadlines. However you do it, I count on you to have the materials where I can read and use them in a timely manner so that my life can move on. I have three kids to homeschool and a busy midwife preceptor to keep up with. I don't have time or energy to waste on this shit. Again.


~L~ said...

I would say "sec em" but um, er.... LOL

You should complain, though, loudly and proudly. How SMS treats its future classes will directly effect you for the rest of your career. Their reputation feeds into yours. Yuu have a right and a responsibility to speak up on this one.

Marie said...

You deserve better, just reamember your goal and it is worth all the shit in the end. Love u