Tuesday, January 08, 2008

School Rant Addendum

We are losing a classmate this quarter. Losing someone always makes me sad, but she has held on so well for so long with so many other things going on in her life. I am sad for her and sad for myself and my classmates, who will miss her presence both online and at onsites. And I am mad. I am mad because this school has let her down. Because they have jerked her around. They have charged her for practicum credits that haven't been completed, and then - THE FUCKING GALL - not followed up appropriately for her to get those credits despite all the effort she had to go through to get someone not really friendly to midwifery to complete their end of the work. I am so upset about this I can hardly see straight. How can a school that wants to be inclusive and about making good, qualified people into good, qualified midwives turn around and do this shit? This is someone who CAN and SHOULD be an excellent midwife, the sort of person that is an asset to the school and the profession, and she has been thoroughly run over and left in the fucking ditch. HOW. DARE. THEY.

Seattle Midwifery School - all about helping people, when it's convenient and easy and doesn't mess with our day too much...and doesn't mean we have to part with any possible cash...?

No, it is not SMS's fault that she can't get federal grant/loan money as easily as some other students. But there has been a ton that SMS could have done to help her stay enrolled, and they not only didn't do it, but the callousness has been astounding. I'm not talking about forgiving tuition; I'm talking about keeping their end of the bargain. They didn't just fail the one student that dropped out this quarter; in a sense they failed us all.


Morag said...

Xx L

Midwife-to-be said...

Thanks Niki. I'll miss you, too. But I am like the terminator- "I'll be back!" That is..... if the school can straighten out some stuff.