Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back Pain Sucks

Yeah. That. It sucks a lot.

It is really irritating when I'm sitting trying to type at the computer. Something about holding my arms out in front of me, even when I'm resting them on the keyboard. Nothing I do with the placement of my feet/legs makes things really comfortable. I tried not taking anything for it today and that was a mistake.

Alright, whining over, continue with your regularly scheduled programming. Off to try - probably in vain - to concentrate on my school work. I don't really recognize how distracting this is until I try to form complete thoughts/sentences and FAIL.


Aimee said...

take a few moments...lie on your back with your legs going up a wall, your butt snug against the wall. do this a couple times a day for a minute or two. see if that helps.

~L~ said...

You. Me. Burts Apricot Oil.

Annie said...

It's your midwife here. You remember, the one that nags you about taking really good care of yourself. At this time it's not to grow a healthy baby, but a healty midwife. Get a massage, rest whenever possible, are you taking cal/mag? Do it! Take arnica 30 or 200C. Try to be really good to yourself when you can. You know the drill, it's the same stuff we tell the women in our practices.

Like they tell us on the airplane, "Put your own oxygen mask on first, then place it on those around you." Otherwise your down in the isle an no help to anyone.

Ok see me now, going to bed before midnight.

I know it's hard, but we need you as a midwife in this community for the long haul. ;-)

~L~ said...

Ann rox. Dat's all I'm sayin.


Niki said...

Ann! Nice to hear from you.

We gave someone the oxygen mask lecture in clinic on Monday, so I think it is really funny that you mention that. I do know the drill. Sometimes it is tough to take care of yourself when it feels like the second you stop to do so, all those balls you've been juggling are going to start falling on your head. I have to remind myself that not only will everything still be there to work on tomorrow, but I might be able to do it better and faster then.

FWIW, after a good long sleep last night, and some conscientious not-messing-with-it this morning, my back feels a lot better today.

Morag said...

Um. Aleve liqui-gels. x2 then q8hrs prn.
And a searing hot heating pad.

Lather, rinse, repeat.
SO been there done that.
Xx L.

And yeah, your midwife rocks. Was good to see her today (and your preceptor, who honestly is simply jammin')

Marie said...

Glade to hear u are better hope u are 100% soon