Saturday, February 09, 2008

Six, Now

Six births since Monday

But I still exist. Hi everyone.

We're going for seven in a week I think...there are two likely candidates today...I've got a couple assignments, but my mom is in town, so sorry....they'll be late.

I've decided that I do really poorly on three hours of sleep - worse than 2 or 4. I thought I was going to throw up, driving out to this birth. But I got there and did just fine. My poor mom, she was sleeping in the living room and I was banging around all through there...she eventually got up and asked if she could help. Ah well, she's done her share of doula work, she understands.

Babe this morning came "sunny side up," which was really interesting.

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~L~ said...

holy moly. I m glad you know the art of power sleeping. Your mom has to be so PROUD of you!