Wednesday, February 06, 2008

In Which Niki Throws Out Her Back, And Has a Long Night

Out shopping with the kids yesterday, I got a phone call "[person] is in labor and moving along quick, you should come in now." Predictably, while I am talking on the phone, BittyPrincess removes her boots and socks and starts splashing around in the water fountain. I pick her up and bend over to place her back in her boots, and POP, a truly horrifying sensation in my back. As I lean on the water fountain and blow and swoon, BittyPrincess begins whining full volume about wanting more water. I actually wind up having to drag her out of the store. And force her into her carseat, because "NO!" is her new favorite...not just word, but THING. I made a semi-frantic phone call to ~L~ to ask what I should do, and then remember that I have naproxen sodium in my bag, and take something just short of the lethal dose.

By the time I got home, the pain was manageable, and so were the kids. I'd managed to sweat up a storm, so I needed to shower and change, and I finally left the house an hour after that original call.

"You got here quick!" my preceptor said, as usual, despite the rush-hour ride into town (surprisingly short at 45 minutes). I did not miss that birth, which featured a lot of scary heart tones, rushed pushing, and a fourth degree tear. I didn't miss the impromptu prenatal we did down the hall an hour later, or the induction for high BP we started (not aggressive, some cervidil and a good night sleep, we hope). I didn't get home until 11.

Crash out, until 2, when someone unexpected came in. I got there in record time but still was only there long enough for some perineal support and a really fast delivery, followed by some interesting bleeding and a really interesting placenta.

Home at 6am...I got three hours of sleep in and am waiting for the mama we started an induction on to go into labor.

Altogether, not horrible, actually. The back thing, that sucks. The overnight thing wasn't so bad, I tally 6 hours sleep in there. Back is tight and sore, but not PAINful.

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~L~ said...

You cannot develop back issues. You cannot. No more exercising for emotional content. Get on your Mom's prescription and work it, or you will have the ~L~ beast nagging you oh so much.