Monday, February 04, 2008

A Lazy Post

Lazy because I'm not really feeling like updating properly.


It all started with a haircut. Our usual haircut, 1/2 inch long on top, tapered sides. "No, I want it shaved mama," he says. OK, 1/4 inch all the way around. "NO, I want to see my HEAD mama, I want to see it like Captain Picard." I busted out laughing, cursed my nerd of a husband, and busted out a razor. Why not, I thought:

And sure enough, a week later, it is 1/8 inch all around and he no longer looks like an alien.

It was really cold last week. So cold that the lake at our favorite park froze. Which is really something special around here. We don't exactly live in a skate-on-the-pond kind of area, it just doesn't usually get below freezing for very long. The lake wasn't solid enough to do a ton of walking on, but the kids all got a chance to stand on the ice, and throw stones across the slush (it made really cool noises).


~L~ said...

ok that's freaky! pine lake froze???

*d* said...

COOL! LMAO at the Picard comment.