Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Evening

And I've now been to five births since Monday.


My back is OK - still sore but I can move almost like normal - and I'm feeling surprisingly alright, only a little tired. OK, pretty tired. But not entirely falling over, especially considering the hour. My mom is flying in this evening and my house is absolutely destroyed, I'm not sure it has ever been this messy.

Did I mention that right after I wrote that previous post, BittyPrincess smashed into my coffee, spilling it all over my computer? Yeah, my better computer is out of commission now. I'm hoping once it dries all the way it will start working again - it will start but the keyboard doesn't work. Cross your fingers for me. That computer was expensive. It was also in parts all over the living room when I got called to birth number 4.

Birth number 4 was awesome, just in case anyone was wondering. Totally hands off, that baby basically crawled/pushed out to the hips and then dad picked her up. It was absolutely awesome. I think I like that better than I like catching.

Baby number 5 came with mom on hands and knees, and was the first time I've seen a birth without any tears or skids at all. It was also the first time I've felt a nuchal cord, AND it feels to me like my first catch, even though it isn't, probably because I wasn't constantly looking to my preceptor for feedback this time. The funny thing is that she moaned and complained more than the moms with tears. Which kind of brings to mind this thought that the perineum numbs when it tears...but I don't know. N of one and all that.

So I'm off to push toys around with a vaccuum cleaner and hope it doesn't look too horrific in here when my mom shows up in half an hour.

UGH. Nevermind. It appears the vaccuum broke. Ugh.

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