Thursday, March 13, 2008

Adventures in Bacteria and Yeast

So this whole bacteria/yeast thing is going pretty darned well. I have a little too much of all of my cultures at this point and am not quite sure what I should do. I'm making kefir and water kefir too fast for the family to consume, but it seems somewhat sacriligious to just toss the cultures. I'll be handing some out for sure.

The Kombucha is perhaps the exception to this rule, as the girlies seem to like to drink it and it has a long brewing time, which keeps the volume from getting out of hand. Still, I was able to separate three distinct layers when I set up a new batch today, which meant I've now got two gallons brewing and another starter set aside to give away.

It is all taking my mind only a little off the stress I'm feeling about getting the kids safely watched and getting to births in some sort of reasonable time frame. I'm teetering on edge here in a big way and it needs to resolve, and the feelers I've put out have met with only moderate success.

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