Saturday, March 15, 2008

Missed a Birth

My first missed birth. And whaddayaknow, it had nothing whatsoever to do with how far away I live from my preceptor.

This birth ate 12 hours of my life, not including a leave-and-return episode to a house nearly two hours from mine. Hospital transfer for failure to progress and mom's desire for pain medication - she was 4cm. And mom got out at the hospital and pushed that baby out 10 minutes later, while I was parking my car in the not-as-convenient parking garage and making my way up to the L&D floor, just in time to hear a very final-sounding roar and a cry as I bustled up the hall.


First time I've seen retained placental fragments and membrane (and scraping of the uterus), so the hospital was probably a good place to be.

12 hours further behind on my already-behind school work.


In other news, Girliness and Boyness are absolutely absorbed in "Engineering an Empire" from the History Channel (we rented the whole lengthy series). I'm negotiating with BittyPrincess in an attempt to get her to hug the nummies instead of nursing. And my decaffienation project is moving along nicely. You know that pre-cofffee brain haze feeling? I don't get it anymore! That is AWESOME.

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*d* said...

Man. a whole 10 minutes. C'est la vie. Glad everyone is doing well with their projects.