Thursday, June 26, 2008

Friends, Fun

Marie and her crew came over today. I ditched them for a couple hours to go to a home visit, and then M and her hubby ditched me for a few hours while they went to spend some time eating and shopping sans children.

The six kids that were here today flowed in and out of the house, doing assorted kid things, and having a wonderful time.

Boyness was exposed to dairy yesterday, in one of those freaky "aw crap, oops" kinda things. Marie has recently figured out that her kids can have casein but not whey, and she grabbed a product she knows is safe for them (which has always in the past meant it would be ok for Boyness) and he got some swallowed before we got to it. So Boyness had a series of grouchy and slightly out of control episodes.

Despite that, it was a fun day. It feels good to have friends over for once.

The kids ignore the fact that we've got a lot of stuff to explore out there until friends come over, so it is really nice they've been re-inspired that way.

I am officially out of brainpower, and this post shall remain disjointed. I am off to get the kids abed at a slightly more reasonable hour tonight, with high hopes for a good sleep for myself.


~L~ said...

I am glad you guys had lots of fun!

Marie said...

we had a great time. I am so sorry about the cheese thing. I have gotten so used to buying vigen. Boyness is such a sweety.