Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Senior, BAYBAY

Provided, of course, that I actually pass the rather grueling test I just took. Haven't failed one yet, so the chances are good...still, this is a rough exam and the pass/fail mark is 80%.

There are some major things that need doing before graduation, but I am assured that I am DONE writing learning objectives.

Spent the night before last in a bitty apartment that was very cute and warm and artistic and welcoming. It is so interesting when you get to the home of someone you've seen in clinic and suddenly see a whole new "them." Her home was lovely. We draped ourselves on various surfaces and slept in turns and between contractions as she labored through the night.

Did my first newborn exam yesterday afternoon. It was one of those schizophrenic different-preceptor issues, where my previous preceptor always gave me "mom duty" and the current ones tend to give you "baby duty" first, so my experience-lag was irritatingly large there (I have a level of competence with the mom stuff that would tend to make these particular preceptors think I should know what I'm doing with the baby stuff, when I don't).

I am tired. I look at my schedule and I don't see where I'm going to catch a decent night of sleep in the next three days. I've reintroduced caffeine into my life, just by needing an extra nudge into awareness too many times in the last couple weeks, and I'm pretty sure my dependence is ramped up to the withdrawal-headache level again.

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Marie said...

bummer about the caffien, but soooo cool about the birth. I can just see u there with that sweet baby. U need to give yourself more credit. Your wonderfull.