Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Babies, babies everywhere!

T came in to the hospital today with me, and stayed until 1.

She missed the first birth of the day by about 20 minutes, a multip that came in at "8cm" someone said...6-7 was more like it when I checked, but whatever, her fourth baby came out 30 minutes later, a girl. The messiest birth here so far; pee and amniotic fluid everywhere.

I won't go through all the births today. Four catches, three observes (two of those vacuum deliveries - in case you're wondering, T, Dr. B is substantially better with that particular apparatus than Dr. D was). Two vastly different repairs: one a skin-level repair that came with a big 'ole baby; the other a dramatically deep 2nd degree that came with a little bitty baby. Lots of cleaning. Only a few moments here and there to catch my breath, 11 hours at the hospital.

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