Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thanks, T

For leaving the anti-diarrhea meds (...erm...brb...)

Anyway...the woman I was talking about yesterday had her baby overnight and was happily on her way today.

The ward is so full that they are sending women home 12 hours after delivery, sometimes a tad less if they are doing really well. There were 90 more deliveries in March than there were in January.

Nevertheless, today was a very slow day. Sat around doing nothing, or the VCH version of nothing, which involves making beds, folding gauze, making cotton balls, re-reading matron's reports, tallying births for the month, and then finally just.sitting.there.doing.nothing. As I didn't want to kick myself for leaving before something exciting, I stayed for the full shift, and then wound up staying a bit after for someone who had been on the ward for two days and who had finally found herself in labor, a misoprostol (cytotec) induction.

Just after that birth, the reason I am thankful for the anti-diarrhea meds kicked in, and I left the hospital in a hurry.

Feeling much better now, watching some crappy TV. And that pun was unintentional but I'm leaving it.


TinaTs said... problem. Glad they were put to use. Should have warned you they were fore real emergency use only...and prbly should have left you the yeast inf meds that were prescribed alongside the antidiarr too...

Niki said...

No worries for the meds, T. I was glad to have them available but didn't wind up using them. Made me feel better they were around, is all.