Thursday, March 12, 2009

Missed Triplets! Argh!

(internet is punky, updates may be scattered...)

So after that last post we hiked up to the hospital, said hello, handed over some instant coffee, and left. We went snorkelling and sat reading over senior paper materials while a rainstorm passed.

In the meantime, triplets were born at the hospital. Both the doctor and the midwife thought of us but had no way to reach us. Triplets and then a set of twins.

We could kick ourselves. Probably will.

Both T and I are hoping that our trip is not defined by this...oh yeah, Niki and T went to Vanuatu and they missed triplets because they decided to sit off their jet-lag at the beach!

Yesterday, a full 8 hours at the hospital with nothing more exiting than a woman who was 1cm walking around like she was in full-on labor when we got there, and only making it to 3cm by the time we left. We washed a couple of babies, discharged some women, restocked things, learned to use the EFM, made boards full of little ripped-up bandages, and called it a day. We sweat heavily the whole time. So fucking hot.


Morag said...

Hang in there Doll. It's gonna start RAINING BABIES any minute now.
You. just. wait.
Xx L

Betsy said...

Listen to Morag, she knows what she's talking about! :)