Thursday, March 12, 2009

Slow Day

Arrived at the hospital this morning to find that the woman from yesterday had delivered her baby overnight, a big but initially floppy baby ("mama say she take the kastom medicine befo she come") that looked healthy by the time we saw him.

No babies born while we were there today. More baby measuring, gauze folding, doctor-and-midwife following. The midwives shared some breadfruit with us, all pudding-y and wrapped in leaves. Encouraged us to "kakae moa." The student nurses we've befriended were having their last day, which was disappointing to us; one in particular had been trying to teach us Bislama, and they had been happy to share their work with us.

We left somewhat early. I contacted my family, finally, by Skype, and have settled in with my senior paper.


~L~ said...

what is kakae moa? I got the top sentence!

Morag said...

Kakae mo = eat more.
:) I got that a lot too. :)