Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ah, the Weekend

We spent Saturday - yes, all of it - working on our senior papers. Why I didn't finish mine in the dreariness of Seattle before coming to Vanuatu, I don't know. It was mildly gratifying that it rained/drizzled/poured on and off all day, as we worked in our "cabana" thing, or near the pool. Satisfyingly, my paper is about done. Unsatisfyingly, we didn't do anything else that day.

On Sunday, we went to Erakor Island and did some snorkeling and beach-sitting. I finished one of the books I brought with me. We ate lunch, swam again, and got back in time to do a half-shift starting at 3pm. We *just* missed a baby before we got there, did some postpartum, and then T nearly caught a baby by accident (one minute the midwife was there and the woman was not pushing, the next minute the midwife was gone and the head was visible!) By next week that scenario won't be such an issue, but this was the first birth there and we were planning to observe and assist. *A* midwife, although not the one who was supposed to be at this birth, arrived in time and we were spared that fiasco.

Off to bed, and back to the hospital in the morning.

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