Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ala Moana Park, and the Neighborhood Circuit

First, we put the coffee beans out on the patio to sun (it was early, most of the day they were in direct full sun):

And off we went to Ala Moana Beach/Park to walk around the park and Magic Island:

Then, a swim, and back for lunch. In the afternoon, we walked the kids to the neighborhood park (Girliness was more than mildly irritated that they'd changed the play structures) and then to Johns Store for another dose of shave ice. Back "home" for some swimming time in the pool and some time playing Little Big Planet on Aunty B's playstation.

Meanwhile, our coffee beans retained some of their sticky but have been changing to a golden-brown-ish color. This may just be working.


~L~ said...

does that tree bear a "no climbing on me" sign?

Niki said...

Nah, it says something about not dumping coals on the roots :)

~L~ said...

omg! poor tree! coals?