Monday, January 11, 2010

Maunawili, and Coffee Wildcrafting (part 1)

Yesterday in the AM we saw Grandma E for a little kid-spoiling time and visiting time.

Once she'd left, we decided to go hike again, this time at Maunawili. This hike is in the mountains and is often seriously mud-covered, but we thought that since we'd had no big rainfall in the past week it should be ok. Ha.

Before we could leave, BittyPrincess interrupted the process by pulling a stool down on her face (ouch) and giving herself a nice bruise. It will probably be visible in any future photos for this trip. She rallied over saimin and an episode of Fairly Oddparents, and we were on our way.

When we started it was overcast. I got one picture of the trail before the madness hit:

By a little into the trail it was drizzling and the camera was stashed in a ziploc bag. Before we'd hit the halfway point it was pouring big fat thunk-thunk drops of rain on us. So much for there not being too much mud.

Still, we got to the falls without incident. The rain slowed to a light drizzle and I could get the camera back out. Almost everyone was game for a swim:

Well, not me. My belly is not actually that lopsided, I'm standing on two rocks and my hips aren't lined up with my shoulders.

Girliness was game for some jumping:

Uncle P, of course, had to jump from one of the higher points (not the highest at this site):

On the way back, OMG the MUD. We hadn't actually slogged through or detoured around (too much foliage to just walk alongside the path) anywhere NEAR that volume of mud on the way to the falls, it had collected/mudded-up(?) in a big way since then. Since I didn't want to risk the camera, again, no photos except for two as we left the trail:

And now, the coffee adventure begins

We found wild-growing coffee plants about 1/2m into the trail:

On the way back, we collected a smallish bag full of ripe looking beans, so that we could see if we could process them ourselves:

The coffee beans were surprisingly easy to liberate from their berry/shell/whatever you call the red not-coffee-bean part:

Two days of drying in the sun and we'll be ready to figure out how to roast them.

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