Sunday, March 07, 2010

Continued Doings of Dubious Importance

But first, a little whining (I do that frequently don't I?)...I hate my mattress. This is bleary day #3 after waking up with hip pain at 3am that I just couldn't find a sleep position comfortable enough to alleviate. This despite the small pillow armada now inhabiting the bed with me, and the third-trimester rotisserie process (hourly turning) that I've been doing for quite a while now. I want a new mattress but can't justify it given that in another month it will probably no longer actually be hurting me, and given that even if we had enough money for a new mattress it would be better used paying down our credit cards. It does suck though (it is dipped/compressed into ruts where we sleep most often). /whining

Girliness' ear is much improved. No further high drama necessary, although greater than usual attention/cleaning/treatment continues.

Boyness continues to be a PITA and has had frequent outbursts this week. I think he's cycling. Hormonally, I mean. Like 'rhoid rage or something. Totally punting this to Fran, who says he was the same way as a kid and what I've been doing is not helping. The two of them can sit down and make a behavior/consequence plan and fill me in after. Of course, now that we're on the tail end of a week of this behavior, he'll probably be perfect for the remainder of the month (I really do think he's cycling, everybody has a hormonal cycle, some of us are just more affected than others).

I organized (well, the kids and I organized) our mess of swimming stuff (=stuff shoved under the bottom shelf of the hall closet that in some way relates to swimming). It was one of those 20 minute jobs that I'd put off for a year. Ridiculous.

Baby continues to wriggle about vigorously here on the shy side of 34 weeks. Head down all the time now, though.

I am newly enamored of a pair of shorts that Fran got as a Christmas present from his brother. Yes, I am stealing my husband's shorts. He'll live. It's a testament to how much weight Fran has lost that he and I can wear the same clothing (I wear it under the belly, not over), 'cause we never hit this point last time around (and I'm not bigger or heavier than I was at this point with BittyPrincess). I got a bleach stain on one of the three shirts that still make it all the way around my belly. Damnit.

We have still not decided on a name for this baby, although here in my blog it will probably be Newbie.

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