Monday, March 08, 2010


It is dramatically not spring yet today.

After so much nice weather, I was really starting to get adjusted to warmer days and higher light levels, and not wallowing so much. Today it is 33 degrees and it has been snowing. The sudden shift leaves my brain confused and unhappy.

I did, however, sleep better last night after pulling our old memory foam topper from where it was stored (memory foam does have a lifespan, and that topper was well past it - we'd taken it off the bed and put it aside in case we wanted to cut it up for camping pads) and cutting it so that I could sleep on the not-so-used-up middle portion. I twice managed to sleep for 2 consecutive hours.

Prenatal sleep deprivation may indeed be an evolutionary advantage because if we are already sleep deprived when we actually give birth, we are less likely to suddenly slip into complete insanity when our babies wake us every 1-2 hours and resort to infanticide so that we can just.fucking.sleep. While we're pregnant, there's not really anyone to take it out on as our waking intervals come closer and closer together and it becomes harder and harder to get physically comfortable. I couldn't kill my husband and get a blissful uninterrupted nights' sleep. My kids have long since transitioned into their own sleep patterns that for the most part don't have anything to do with mine. It's all me and those lovely (not) pregnancy hormones.

Just another excuse for pregnancy space-cadet syndrome.

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