Sunday, July 25, 2010


In more indoorsy adventures, this week ~L~ taught Girliness how to bead on a bead-loom and I re-taught ~L~ to sew.

I have no idea how to bead on a bead-loom, aside from what I saw Girliness doing; it seems like it's a fairly simple but really fussy undertaking.

After the lengthy process of helping the girls get set up, ~L~ let them have at it, and they worked...and worked...and worked...

Until everybody else got all tired of each other and started acting all sibling-y, and I packed them away for the park. The girls did their beading for over 5 hours. That's some serious attention span right there.

*Earlier that same week*

~L~ can sew by hand and can piece patterns, two things that I'm just middling comfortable with, and she also has a bigger sewing vocabulary (literal words) than I do. However, she is terrified of sewing machines. At a yard sale a couple of weeks ago, she came across a WONDERFUL machine and bought it, and is facing down her fears. I suspect it will be a little like how she didn't bake when I met her, and then "well if Niki can do it so can I!" happened, and now she makes bread on a regular basis. Kind of the same reason that I kind-of-almost garden now.

Anyway, the project I chose was sandwich wraps. These are little flat hexagonal fabrics with velcro attached, meant to take the place of saran wrap when you're packing a lunch. I chose them because they require several different stitch types, three of the most common skills you need to sew, and are VERY forgiving; you don't even need to get the edges all same size, because you really can't tell.

I freehanded the hexagonal wrap shape. Made closure tabs, placed and sewed velcro, sewed wrong-sides together, turned, topstitched, done.

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