Friday, July 30, 2010

Seattle Center

On Tuesday we took the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle, to go to the Pacific Science Center. While we go to the Science Center regularly, we haven't ever done it by ferry before.

Chubble really liked the noise.

That's where we're going!

We had a great day in the Science Center, followed by lots of time at the fountain:

Now, a few words on the ferry: I'm not sure about it. I liked it and all. But I don't (as many of our friends do) find it stressful to drive in Seattle, and neither does Fran. It's a little more expensive and it takes a lot longer by ferry. But it *is* an experience, and that's nice on days when it really is all about the experience.

The kids are gone in Portland with MIL for 4 days now. Well, Chubble isn't - she's right here napping - but the rest of them are. It is QUIET in my house today.

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