Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I love my family.

And I love staying at home, even though I feel oddly unsatisfied at times, like there's a further level of relaxation that I'm just.not.hitting despite cooperative friends and family. It might just be that the current level of stress-out and my maximum relaxation level aren't far apart enough. Still, I'm enjoying "just" being "at home" (those things in quotes because "just" is kind of funny given what gets done in an average day, and "at home" is just a joke given that I actually stayed home all day only once in the last two weeks).

A few days ago I sent in the last little bit of paperwork to get my midwifery license. While I don't anticipate trouble, I also know that it's been almost a year since I passed my exams and am wondering whether the late completion of my application will be suspicious given that most people push everything through ASAP. I'm crossing my fingers that things move smoothly through and I'll have license in hand soon. I am reluctant to use it. I like having my baby time. And family time. And I am supremely lucky in that Fran understands the whole "me" time thing, so much so that Tuesdays are "him and kids" days and when he wanted to do something else today (a Tuesday), he got his brother to babysit rather than co-opt my "me" day.

Anyway, I forgot to mention in my last post that last week we went kind-of-hiking again. It was a little (2.5 mile) baby (relatively flat with a huge-ass driveable-if-it-was-open) trail.

We went to the new Pen Met 360 park (so named because it covers 360 acres). We knew it wasn't "finished" yet, but what we didn't realize was that there wasn't any forest left to speak of. It was a hot day. The trail was dusty. It was not a peak hiking experience. It will be GREAT to bike on, though.

A little over half a mile in, Girliness and ~L~'s 10yo girl ran ahead and didn't bother to check in with us. For the rest of the hike. They left little hints about where they were going...

...but we didn't see them again for quite a while. Which wasn't exactly our idea of fun or safe hiking, despite the really safe trail. And is also completely, totally against the hiking rules we've set for the kids (no walking ahead without an organized plan and a GPS), which we didn't think that we needed to tell them they needed to follow even though the trail was easy. They were required to write two-page papers on hiking safety in the aftermath.

They only did their papers, I think, because we required them before Girliness and ~L~'s daughter were going to have their Nerd Party (they ate Nerds candy, acted like Nerds, and in general had a massive sugar rush). They had their Nerdy sleepover party and acted like hungover jerks the next day, particularly Boyness. I've decided that Boyness and food colorings don't mix...it wasn't at all just a sugar thing, because I let them have a TON of sugar on a regular basis. It was the food coloring in the candies, which the kids almost never have.

And I'll leave you with a slightly happier picture...

Cubble and Boyness listening to music together. Love, love, love.

I forgot to mention: I also finished Dragonfly in Amber. I liked it more than I expected to given the slow beginning and some mediocre reviews from my friends. It still feels like a placeholder book, the way so many books that are in the middle of a series wind up feeling. It isn't that I want major action and resolution in every book; it's that I don't like it when a whole book essentially becomes a background-information book, where it exists only as a source of information for further novels. I liked it anyway.

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