Monday, August 09, 2010

Write Something

There are almost too many somethings to write. None of them particularly interesting, but oh well. Here they are anyway.

We had a great get-together last night. Fun with friends and kids getting along. Chubble even slept for quite a while during it. The 5-6yo girls were particularly cute.

I forgot to take out the trash and am listening to the trash truck make its way around the rest of the neighborhood. I think the crew is taking extra long just to rub it in.

10 month year anniversary this week. Nothing planned. We thought maybe we'd do "something" but are a little short on cash and a lot long on children. It's kind of pathetic because we also had our 1st and 5th anniversaries with babies too young to go and actually do anything big (big, in my world, being the-two-of-us-somewhere for a day or two, not two weeks in some far-flung tourist spot). There's always 15 and 20, right?

Hmmmm...I helped Girliness temporary-dye her hair red. It came out pretty awesome. BittyPrincess wants to do hers now.

Chubble is:

Giving big wet baby-kisses
Sleeping through the night (for real! 10pm-7am!)
Loving her Johnny Jump-Up
Laughing maniacally at a friend of ours

And peeing (and usually pooping, too) in the sink. She's done it for me, Fran, and Girliness. We just hover her semi-sitting over the sink and she goes. On purpose. It's awesome. As long as someone gets her there before she really had to go, we avoid the whole wet diaper deal altogether. Which is kind of funny given the hip-high stack of diapers we have for her that aren't really getting used all that fast. But also kind of awesome given that I still hadn't found a diaper arrangement that didn't result in a rash. And kind of awesome all by itself. There are whole communities on this subject that I have never bothered looking into, and since this is just kind of working for us I don't think I will now, but this is a "thing." Until Chubble came along all super compatible with this kind of arrangement, I thought it sounded totally nuts.

I think I used the word "awesome" about 20 times in that last paragraph just because I recently heard about somebody who can't stand how people use the word "awesome." Awesome, awesome, awesome. I can't remember who is being driven up a wall every time I say it, but AWESOME. Teehee. Of all the weird things to get bugged by.


~L~ said...

Heh. His name is Ashley Holt. He'd be honored. I will send you an invitation to his FB group, "Stop saying Awesome on Facebook!"

You're proving your too-tired-from-baby point by saying you are celebrating your ten month anniversary. Mwahahahah.

Niki said...


MDB_Mom said...

Just saw this one! It was an awesome evening, and with that many kids it was amazing they all got along so well and had so much fun. Thank you again for being such a gracious hostess!