Thursday, January 06, 2011

Boyness Goes to Hawaii

I should really post this after the fact with some pictures, but I don't know if he's even taking any. As long as he's enjoying his time, I don't care how he documents it.

He left with my sister after her visit and will stay for just over a week. We video conferenced last night and I think he was MUCH more interested in seeing the baby than in seeing me. My feelings aren't hurt; I like that the kids are so attached.

When you take any one of the kids out of the house, the usual bickering cycle that they all set up together short-circuits and happiness and calmness tend to prevail (this is true no matter which child is removed). So I'm hoping for a week+ of very productive business creation time that I get to feel completely not guilty about, because it isn't like Boyness is banished; he's wanted to go to Hawaii for an alone visit forever and thrives on the kind of 1:1 attention he'll be getting there.

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