Thursday, June 22, 2006

Money, money, money

So in They Won I talked about my phone conference with Washington Women in Need and my humiliation at the hands of my overly, er, boistrous, children.

Today was the in-person interview. To set the scene...the kids are overexcited ("Aunty Susan is babysitting!? YAAAAYYYY!!!!"), I cannot get my tax return to print out, I finally exit the house and...the van doesn't start.

OK, so eventually I *do* get the van to start, and it is making funny noises and weird smells, but it GOES which is enough for me. Off I go. Oh my, if this is prophetic...I'm in trouble.

But no, it turns out...I was just paying my dues. I get $5000 per year for two years, it is all set and the only thing to be decided is how it will be distributed. This covers the gap between my grants and loans and what I can pay towards my tuition with $8 to spare.

What. A. Relief.


~L~ said...

That is so amazingly wonderful! Congrats!

fivedreamin said...

YAH!!!!! That is awesome news!

*d* said...

WOOOHOOO! (dance, dance, dance)