Saturday, June 24, 2006

The New Fun

I realized yesterday that my idea of fun has changed an awful lot since high school. I mean, I've never been a party girl, but it used to be that fun involved going somewhere and doing something dangerous. You know, cliff jumping, kayaking, scuba diving, waterskiing (I'm dead serious, I did all these things, laugh all you want people-who-know-me-now). On a really tame day my friends and I might get together at somebody's house, play pool, swim IN the pool, listen to music, drink far too much soda and insult each other a bit.

Yesterday I realized that I was sitting in the shade on someone's patio, there was coffee, cookies, and knitting involved, the kids were having way too much fun playing, and I...oh no...I was having fun. And I wasn't even DOING anything. Oh no. What on earth is THIS?! KNITTING?! OK, so I wasn't doing the knitting, but everyone ELSE was, so maybe I've just been slow to jump on the entertainment-of-parenty-types train. Yes, it has taken me 6 years to be happy sitting with other moms and doing...for all intents and purposes...nothing. I'm slow that way. Give me 6 more and I might figure out knitting.

You know what? I haven't felt this at-ease with a group of people since high school. And GODDAMN IT if they aren't an hour and a half drive from me! Ooooooh, the torture.


~L~ said...

We heart you too!


Imagine my shock! That's the best birthday party I have had in 25 years.

~L~ said...

I've been thinking about this a lot today. I think we will get back our active fun, too; we have these toddlers right now and even so, I can feel life stirring outside!

The hikes are getting better, longer.... we'll get to have both types of fun soon!