Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Nature Kids

So my kids are darker than me. It is official. Even little miss are-you-sure-I'm-part-Hawaiian...is darker than me. The first photo has nothing to do with her darker-than-me-ness. It is more about the fact that she is the cutest thing on the face of the frigging earth. And I will never, ever cease being friends with ~L~ because she does stuff like leave 2 pounds of cherries in my refridgerator when she comes to visit, which results in much baby-sized happiness and cute photos of the baby-sized cherry-adorned happiness. This first photo also serves the purpose of providing photographic proof that bebegirliness is, in fact, my husband's child (I mean come now, look at the skin and the LIPS, those are HIS not mine).

But whatever the dark-or-not repercussions of it happen to be, we are enjoying a TON of barefoot outdoor time. Ah, I have such a soft spot for dirt-covered, barefoot, smiling, climbing, oversunned, fun-having kids. And OH the fun they are having now that it is finally hot enough here in Washington for some water play. And yes, that is my 4yo son wearing nothing but spidey boxers and rainboots. Oh, the lovely blackmail-the-teenager photos (that this blog will never contain) I got out of the rest of that series. Not that I had any shortage of blackmail-the-teenager photos, I mean, come now, he dressed like that all on his lonesome.

By the way, the really GREAT thing about using the full-sized tarp for a slip-n-slide is that you aren't constrained to one direction or one-at-a-time play. What fun they had when they finally figured out the damn thing (I was starting to wonder if I'd birthed two completely common-sense-impaired children, they kept running ON the tarp instead of SLIDING on it and wondering when the fun was going to start).


~L~ said...

She's milk drunk on cherries! That's crazy!

My kids don't get the whole tarp thing either. They love it, and beg for it to be included in our outside workd, but then just....admire it.

*d* said...