Sunday, June 18, 2006

My Brother the Loser

OK so my brother is so not a loser.

But he wrote, and performs, a song about Andrew Jackson. The dork. Go here: and revel in the dorkery. The AP US History-taking DORKERY.


*T* said...

Don't worry Niki.......I have a dork of a brother......and I won't EVEN begin to share his myspace site. Thats how embarrassing he is.

Loved the song though!!!

~A~ said...

I'm so glad that my brother is cool.

Niki said...

LMAO I can only call him a loser because he really isn't. He has GROUPIES and everything, it is fucking funny. I can't even get him to come and visit because it is like "I can't come that week, we've got a gig on Sunday and then I have races on Wednesday and Saturday and blah, blah, blah". My 17yo brother is more popular than me. By a lot. How sad is that?

He got a crapload of extra credit for playing that thing at a school dance. Not as Better-Than-Cheddar...with his real band. I'm sure they couldn't even tell what the real words were.

Seriously, I remember when he started learning to play and he used to SUCK and his voice cracked and blah, blah, blah. Just listen to the other songs on his account, I think the older ones are on the bottom of his list.

Rob is hillarious, I've read his blog here and there since you posted the charades link way back when on RT.