Thursday, July 27, 2006

Baby Makapuu Pics #3

Ah, well, we're stuck here today. Becca tells us she feels better but she lacks a certain spring in her step, and I'm worried that if we overdo it, there will be prolonged sickness. Naomi is generally unhappy. My mom has taken all the kids to the park just down the street to distract them for a bit, and I've taken to the computer. I thought I'd go ahead and upload some more photos for everyone.


OK this last one needs a bit of explanation: we were at the beach on the far side of this hill, the one on the near side is where a friend of ours got married about 4 years back at sunrise. So pretty :).

It is only noon and if the park trip turns out well and I can get a nice nap out of the big kids, we might head out somewhere low-impact this afternoon after all. We'll see :)

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