Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hawaii Day 2 - Baby Makapuu

But first, a little apology, I am writing this (and future ones, I'm sure) dead-tired at the end of the day. It serves as my own personal journal as well, so there you have it, tired, not-well-thought-through, but POSTED.

The day began innocently enough with an attempt to get out of the house early and head off to Hanauma Bay, an insanely popular snorkelling spot that is, incidentally, accessable only by parking in a small lot off a narrow, windy highway and taking a paved walk carved into a cliff face down to the beach. Which means that once the parking is full, you're screwed.

As we were, even though we got there at 8am.

So we continued on. I'd forgotten how much I love the east coast of this island. So beautiful. The pictures didn't come out so I'll not post them, we'll skip right to the kids-on-the-beach photos. We stopped at the tidepools at Baby Makapuu, which has always been a favorite spot for our family.

The kids had a blast and I'll just let the photos do the talking:

There are a bunch more pictures. The kids found a fish in the pools and were happily chasing him around when they realized...hey...there are LOTS of fish in here! They jumped, they snorkelled, they had a pretty all-around good time. But I can't post any of that because Blogger only lets me put up 5 and I am not breaking this one up.

Anyway, we headed off at 11 or so to see if the first wave of visitors to Hanauma had cleared up and we could find parking. No such luck. We decide to head to Ala Moana, which won't exactly be secluded either, but where we'll surely find parking. On the way back down off the mountain, Becca declares "I feel sick". By the time we are picking up some Korean-style bentos from Sam's, "I feel sick" has become "I'm gonna barf" and soon, there was half-digested peanut butter sandwich all down her front and (luckily) all over the towels we'd brought. Further plans for the evening were scratched. We went home and let the now-well ones splash around in the pool while now-sick-Becca lay miserably on the couch and barfed intermittently. Later in the afternoon my mom and I took Toddlerness out for some grocery shopping, during which I had to bite my toungue often and hard to prevent myself telling her how much less stuff costs in Washington. But we got our meals as well as a lot of fruit and snacky things, and we stopped at the local health food joint for some Tony-safe foodstuffs, so even though Becca grounded us for the rest of the day, we got that out of the way.

Damn, I wish I could post the rest of the pictures. It really is more-kids-at-the-beach though. You get the idea. It was lovely.


~L~ said...

Excellent! Wish we could be there with you! Talk us up to your parents so when we scratch up airfare we can all stay with you on your floor.

*d* said...

Oh Oh ME TOO ME TOO. LOL. Hope everyone is feeling better tomorrow.