Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hawaii Day 3 - North Shore

We did get out after all. At around noon, the kids were home and fed, nobody had barfed in HOURS, and we decided to head to the North Shore for some fresh prawns and shrimp. Loitering at the beaches we found in the meantime would be optional. Well, that was the idea anyway. The kids were certain to grab their suits and towels. And snorkels and fins. And sand toys. The beach was looking, well, less and less optional.

We loaded into the car. Boyness decides that now would be a nice time to inform us that HE felt really sick. My dad has been denying all day that he's coming down with it but looks...uncomfy...behind the wheel. We grab a just-in-case bowl for Boyness and head off.

First stop: Dole Plantation. Here we found dairy-free pineapple ice cream cones for the kids, train rides (we didn't go), the pineapple maze (er, just look at the website) and, as we were leaving, Boyness had his first barf of the day.

Second stop: Sunset Beach. My mom went swimming for a bit but the surf was too high for the kids, so everyone else just puttered around in the sand for a while.

Third stop: Laie Point. Just for scenery.

Boyness stayed in the car with Papa. By this time Papa is fighting his stomach, and Boyness is working on his fourth or fifth throwing-up session.

Fourth stop: Hukilau Beach. Papa and Boyness sit in the shade and look miserable together, Toddlerness and I sit in the sand and bury each others' feet, and BigGirlB heads off into the surf with her Tutu. It is perfect learning size, the waves average armpit-height for her, so she can pick her approach pretty safely (anything from hopping over the swell, diving under the break, standing is a training of sorts for situations that could roll her more easily). After about half an hour Tutu pulls the plug on the fun, though, since the menfolk are so miserable, and we head off, only to decide not to get those prawns and shrimp anyway. After all, of the 6 of us in the car, 3 had barfed within the last 12 hours and a fourth was looking to add himself to the tally. And it would just be uncool to buy Boyness' favorite food in its freshest form and cook it all cool-like, only to have him unable to eat it.

So we took in the scenery as we wound our way along the coast. We made one more stop, at the farm store for the macadamia nut farm at Kualoa ranch. No pics there, but I've got physical proof I visited. Er, for a while at least.

By the time we'd gotten back to my parents' place, Boyness had counted his barf sessions up to 6, but after sitting still for about 5 minutes gave up on this whole being-sick shit and went off to have a boisterously fun swimming session with his sisters, a small dinner, a movie, a few bites of tofu cheesecake (THANKS for passing on that recipe Danelle!) and to bed. No more barfing. Hopefully this is it for this stupid, untimely little stomach bug.

Now I just hope they sleep in tomorrow. This morning Boyness woke me up at 4. Yes, 4. "See that window Tony?" "yah!" "See it is DARK?" "uh...yah..." "that is because it is still NIGHT TIME. GO TO SLEEP." "BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" "DAMNIT, now you woke ME up, if you come in my bed will you sleep?" "*sniffle* Kay mama" (commence rolling, kicking, shifting assault on whatever sleep I could have gotten). DAMNIT!!!! So yes, I've been up way too long. This post has gotten way too long. Coincidence? I think NOT!!! I'm over-wordy when I'm tired.

Toodaloo and all that.


~L~ said...

If you *have* to have a stomach flu, then hey, paradise is the place to have it yes? That's sounding less and less like what we had though, so I am all happy I didn't get you sick for your beautiful vacay.

That's Triathamom, alright. Holy cow!

*d* said...


The pics are gorgeous. Good luck getting everyone well. BIG HUGS. I'm with ~l~ Triathamom, HOLY COW!