Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hawaii Day 6 - Hale Koa, Baby Makapuu

This morning we went to meet Fran's dad and stepmom for brunch. They'd known we would be in town, of course, and we'd called them as soon as we were arrived, but they'd been battling bronchitis. They called on Friday letting us know they were able to breathe again, and would we like to go to brunch at, oh, the best place to go to brunch on the island? Er, yeah.

Paul recognized the upright bass that one of the live musicians was playing, so they had a nice extended conversation about just how it came to be in his position. Paul also ate very fast and then took off with Naomi to go look around the courtyard, which scored Naomi points and ME points, since I got to sit there and eat in peace. Not that she wasn't cute. But she ate a couple bites and then just wanted to hide from the unfamiliar people and lap-hop between those she knew. And she was BEYOND livid with me for not just nursing her as she lap-hopped. So, Paul to the rescue, thanks kid.

After the totally wonderful food (ah, thank you FIL, that was my yearly fix of sashimi and chocolate haupia, not at the same time) we headed home to lie around and digest things for a while.

Then Paul and I went and picked up his gilfriend V, and we headed out snorkelling, yes...COMPLETELY CHILDLESS. Whohoooo! The sun had dropped behind the mountain, casting a long shadow on the area we were swimming, by the time we were halfway out, but the day was beyond hot and we enjoyed the swim anyway. We followed a turtle, saw some octupi and FAR too many wana (errr, sea urchins, those big black spikey ones), and generally had a decent time in a very familiar snorkelling spot. We were happy to see that in the year or so since we'd all last gone, the reef had regrown in several places and the fish population was flourishing (for a while pollution had driven off a lot of fish and poisoned portions of the reef). I was happy that I didn't have to work hard to keep up with my hyperathletic brother and his hyperathletic girlfriend.

I like V. She seems like a cool girl, and very practical, just the kind of person not to take advantage of how helpful and polite Paul can be :)

The kids had fun with my parents, although Toddlerness tried twice to jump into the pool without her arm floaties (ok, she succeeded twice, but decided it was all in fun since my mom fished her out right away, and was happily puttering around the pool, floaties on, when I got back). Toddlerness, of course, burst into a wail-fest the moment she saw me, but I'd seen the fun...little FAKER.

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