Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hawaii Day 8 - Ala Moana

We had intended to spend all of today at Kailua beach, but those plans fell through when the forecast was unfavorable (overcast, showers, chance of thunderstorms). We headed out instead to Ala Moana, which of all the beaches on the island, was one of the more likely to be clear even if it was storming everywhere else.

Clear, no, but hot and humid and not-raining, yes. The kids had a great, if shorter than it would have been in the sun, time. Naomi looks ridiculous pedalling herself around in her waterwings. She got upset at me for keeping her close to shore. I don't know if she wanted to check out the waves or the turtles or the distance swimmers further out there, but I was just, well, STUBBORN about her staying within 30 feet of shore or so.

Once we'd done that we went home, washed, went grocery shopping (we had invited FIL and his wife over for dinner), caught a dollar movie, came home, swam in the pool, made dinner...

We had a great time with FIL and sMIL, the food came out well, they'd brought some wines back from Italy, and it was just...a good evening. After they'd left we played a few hokey games Paul had used in camp (he was the rec coordinator), bypassing his personal favorite (anarchy ball) in favor of the bus-bound ones. My mom was, after all, more than a little happy about the amount of wine she'd taken in. Ah, nothing like a round robin game of name-that-country...DRUNK. We then had a pool tournament of sorts (yes, the game with the balls and cues, not the swimming pool) afterwards. Good fun.

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Glad everyone's feeling better and you're having a good time.