Monday, July 31, 2006

Hawaii Day 7

Peter and Elizabeth took Tony and Becca out today for some one-on-one time. Peter bought Tony some Spiderman shoes and a light saber, Elizabeth got for Becca a bunch of clothing. They bought lunch at Jack in the Box. The kids came home very happy if a bit hyped.

Meanwhile, my dad and I took the opportunity to run a bunch of errands.

We were all tired by the time everyone was together again at 1pm, so we had a pretty easy afternoon, swimming in the pool, walking to the same neighborhood store I'd gone to a thousand times as a kid, swimming some more. We set up the kiddie tent in the middle of the living room and the big kids are in there watching a movie through the tent door.

I feel simply beyond BEAT, I think all the nights cut short and interrupted sleep is totally catching up to me.

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