Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Night Weaning

I've decided that I've had enough. I'm night-weaning toddlerness. About damn time? I dunno, she's a little teddy bear in bed, she's easy to SLEEP with. But I've been feeling drained lately and how hard this last sickness hit me was the last bit of evidence I needed. I think she's taking an enormous amount of energy from my body, and that needs to be tapered off.

Right now I'm at that difficult stage where it is MORE difficult not to nurse than it is to nurse. It means actually waking up, telling toddlerness that the nummies are sleeping, and letting her whine and thrash about for a minute. It is pretty painless, but still, it would be easier and faster to just let her nurse.

I did nurse her at 6am when my husband left for work. I felt a huge load of milk going out, and after insisting on nursing through let-down on both sides, she rolled over happy and slept another 3 hours while I got out of bed, tended the fire, had coffee, and did some homework. THAT might be a routine I could get down with.


Louisa said...

Oooh, that picture makes me want to offer a nipple to my toddler.

Though lst time I did that he responded by thinking I was asking to be bitten.

I am so ready to have another baby...

~L~ said...

night weaning is a beutiful thing