Wednesday, January 24, 2007

That's life?

I have this strange desire to share what I have done this morning, largely because I'm done with my morning routine way earlier than usual.

Banging and clattering from the kitchen, and I'm borderline-awake at 5:30am-ish. Toddlerness stirs and I decide that now would be a good time to nurse her and try to escape. We do that, she settles back in, and I doze on and off while Fran makes quite enough noise to wake the DEAD getting himself ready for work. Once he's clear of the whole 2 square feet of free floor space in my house, at about 6am, I get up.

Coffeeeeeeeeee my neurons groan, but I manage to put a sock in the microwave first - it is 62 degrees in here and my Hawaii-grown internal settings are rebelling against the cold. Sock, coffee, grab the sock, grab dirty laundry - out the door, laundry in the washing machine, firewood in my arms, into the house. Set a fire, wash the one pan Fran apparently didn't bother with (WTF? He washed and put away everything else!?). Grumble. Pour coffee, add various taste-good-bad-for-you shit to it. Close the woodstove door - the fire is blazing now. Sit down at the computer, give myself a little pat on the back for thinking to position the desk four feet from the woodstove (getting warmer by the second). Drink some coffee, send some emails, check some blogs. The brain is warming up now, I sign into WebCT.

I hate WebCT.

Tempted to hit up the discussion boards, but don't. Open the pharmacology exam. A little startled by the contents, but mainly only because there are things in there I don't remember reading. Oh well, it is open book.

I finish the exam half an hour later at 7am. Email the instructor - one of the questions didn't translate properly into digital format. Give myself a minor pat on the back for drawing THAT one closed right away.

Yell at myself for forgetting that I was going to mail my mitigation forms on that damned speeding ticket yesterday.

Begin browsing school discussions.

Boyness wakes up, followed closely by toddlerness, who apparently needs cuddles and nummies in bed for half an hour.

Some time on out-of-school discussion boards.

I begin contemplating doing my Gyn Learning Objectives. Don't want to think about it.

Bring in more firewood, add it to the fire. Start another load of laundry. Bring paper towels in from the shed.

Sit back down. Still don't want to think about gynecology. Decide to write here instead.


Damn. I guess I can't procrastinate the schoolwork anymore. Dammmmmmmmmmnnnnniiiiiiiiitttttttttt.


Louisa said...

Ooh your day sounds like mine!! Except I already did the Gyn stuff and in hiding from Embryology (how much fun is that gonna be, I ask you) I think I raked up about an acre of leaves.
Seriously... An acre. I have blisters on my hands I don't want to look at embryology that much.
Feelin' you sister.

Aimee said...

I am so glad that I'm not the only one. I am so sick of homework and it's only the fourth week. Maybe I shouldn't look at it that way--only eight more to go! BLAH!