Monday, January 22, 2007

The Snow is Gone

Looks like the last of the snow melted last night. And the world is green, green, GREEN. It is startling. The evergreens and the grass, all bright and green and ever-so-different from the sterile white that coated my world last week.

I said that I wouldn't mind a less...adventurous...driving experience, but I'm missing the snow anyway. It felt like the world was sleeping under all that snow. I feel like it still SHOULD be asleep. Like the green doesn't belong right now. I feel like *I* should still be hibernating too, but more in a recovery sort of way. I'm most of the way better today, I'm sure it will come soon.

Without further ado, various pictures I've failed to post lately:

Because a few of you haven't seen me in a bit:

What happens when you get involved with something in the kitchen and don't notice your toddler walking off with a bag of sugar:

Toddler/husband cuteness:

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