Sunday, September 02, 2007

ACK, Allergies!

Well, we're allergic to the cat. Me, Fran, and probably Nomi as well (who was rubbing her eyes in a very my-eyes-are-itchy way after petting the cat today).

I've used a roll of toilet paper a day in nose-blowing activities since picking the cat up.

We're going to be looking for another family for the cat.

Damnit, I've owned cats before without this problem, and Fran has been fine with cats when we were dating (his reaction is really pretty severe, although he was in denial the first day, he liked this cuddly cat so much...). But no dice. Cat's gotta go, 'cause I'm not popping claritin every day for the next 12 years.

The kids adore the cat and he seems very happy and comfortable in our home. I'm sad about taking him away from Girliness and Boyness, who are both not allergic and very happy about having a pet. Damnit.

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~L~ said...

I am SO Sorry for you having to go through this. :(