Sunday, September 02, 2007


Well, I'm feeling like several kinds of shit. I'm taking the cat over to Marie's, and I know they'll be great parents and all...I feel like shit because Girliness is feeling crushed. Oh, how to make this up to her? She is so unhappy, and I so feel like shit. But I'm sure that Fran and I cannot live with this cat. Damn it, damn it, damn it. And damn it some more. So unfair what we did to Girliness. So unfair.


~L~ said...

Look-- it wasn't a cruel kind of unfair, where you changed the rules on her for no good reason. "This kitty makes us have sneezies and some kind of pets won't make us sick. Someday we will have a kitty / puppy / hermit crab (makes sense now! LOL) that won't make us sick for you to love. "

{{{{{hug}}}}}} You know I understand (Elvis).

Marie said...

Oh I wish we could make it easier for u. We are loving him, but he is not loving Gizmo. I really hope they can work things out. He hs found a safe to sock in all the changes. I'm sorry for girlness and boyness. It realy does suck. U did grate with them today. They even seamd happy. We will do our best to make him a good home here.

ryan said...

You kids need a reptile.
Like a Russian Tortoise.
Completely hypoallergenic and, for a reptile, lots of personality.

Bummer. But that's why I don't have a cat either.