Sunday, March 02, 2008

It's All Her (Nutrition Instructor) Fault

As if I wasn't weird enough...

My nutrition instructor, who has a certain infectious but nonannoying enthusiasm about her, managed (in about 5 minutes of class time) to get me hooked on the idea of making my own kombucha and kefir.

The idea, damnit, has grown rather than fading after onsite (so many ideas just kind of fizzle out after onsite...).

So I went to that great internet emporium of all, of all things. Ebay. And bought BACTERIA and YEAST. Yum! The little critters arrived today. Kombucha, Milk Kefir, and Water Kefir, wrapped neatly in double ziploc bags, padded in brown paper, and shipped for half what I paid for shipping.

Not content with simply staring at my brand new symbiotic colonies of bacteria and yeast, I set about sterilizing appropriately sized jars and lids (yes, they are bacteria and yeast, but you can't just add random stuff to the mix and expect not to get sick) and collecting ingredients. The milk and water kefir are happily resting in their required media, hopefully thriving and getting more, um, bacteria-and-yeast-y by the moment. The gallon of tea I brewed for the kombucha starter is sitting neatly upon my counter, cooling to room temperature veeeeerrrrrrryyyy sloooowwwwwwlllllyyyyyy. Which works, because the cloth I'll be covering it with only just now made it into the dryer.

I still can't quite beleive that by Tuesday, we'll be willingly injesting bacteria and yeast.

If we get sick and die, it is so my nutrition instructor's fault.


~L~ said...

Now, now, you've been ingesting bacteria and yeast quite happily for quite some time. All the probs you get from me are LIVE. You bake your own bread! You give your children TINGS.

This is a good thing, a wonderful thing! I can't wait to see how it works for you!

Niki said...

Yeah...but...that was nice neat how-could-that-hurt-me powder. This is slime on my tea. So much stranger and scarier!

What about Tings? They have probiotics? We only ever eat them with you guys.

I am a complete and total probiotic newbie. You handed me something harmless-looking and powdery and told me to try it, so I did, and the world did not end. This is so hugely WEIRD. I don't even eat commercial yogurt/drink kefir (the kefir is for the husband and kids...). So I'm looking around online and a lot of the "durh" information is brand new to me...

*d* said...

LOL. Let me know how it goes. DH makes, or tries to make, quark here, but I don't think the climate is quite right for that kindof cheese making. Perhaps in the PNW he'd have more luck.

~L~ said...

Tings are flavored with nutritional yeast. That's what the yumminess is. :)