Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Outdoors Today

It was a glorious day today.

So glorious that, well, to hell with it...forget those damn assignments. We loaded up the bikes and headed off to Lake Sammamish State Park. Boyness very recently learned how to ride his bike sans training wheels, and the two big kids donned helmets and went zooming off into the semi-distance. BittyPrincess and I camped out on the playground, and I spent time sitting on a blanket and reading a book (yes, for school!) or pushing BittyPrincess on a tire swing. Or "yelling" at BittyPrincess to keep her tricycle close enough that I could get to her somewhat quickly. It was a glorious 5 hours of sun and I finished an entire book - and a lovely sandwich and a soda - in that time.

We came home sunned and dusty, have showered, and the kids are applying themselves to their math work while dinner cooks and I settle down to start the assignments I should have spent all day working on. Somehow, I'm not sorry that I didn't.

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~L~ said...

That is GREAT!