Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Beach Day in Laie

Our day on Monday got slightly hijacked by Uncle P and his friend. We were going to head to do some snorkeling/playing in the tidepools, but friend M invited us out to "the perfect beach" where his aunt/uncle live in Laie.

It took us quite a while to get ourselves sorted out and there. We had slightly divergent mornings, so our crew (me, Papa, and the kids) stopped at the store, and then at the mac nut farm (prices have risen, so no mac nuts were purchased, although some were sampled), and met up with everyone else at Kualoa Beach Park, where the kids got some play-time:

Before we drove on to Laie. The beach, was, indeed, perfect. Perfect clean sand, lots of sandy area without a lot of reef, but plenty of things to see while snorkelling. The menfolk took spears and went out in search of dinner (they were successful), while the rest of us just played.

The kids got a chance to try out a newish quasi-sport, stand-up paddling. BittyPrincess wasn't quite up to standing and paddling, but the other two caught on quickly.

Home as evening hit, with just enough time to hit the pool yet again, get cleaned up, and watch the fish-cleaning and crab-cooking festivities.

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