Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Makapuu Lighthouse

Tuesday, we hiked up to the Makapuu lighthouse. The weather cooperated (overcast and windy), so it was only mildly miserable (and not completely grueling the way it was last time). It's whale season in Hawaii, and it was a great day to rest on the lookout points and watch a pod of whales at play. No pictures of that, though, because from that height/distance it just looks like photos of "ocean" without the special lenses.

We were going to head for Logs after that to swim, but saw at least three groups of 6-8 people heading that way, and that would have been too crowded (especially with the kids). And then the beaches were too windy all the way through Waimanalo (really, really windy and deserted), so we wound up in Kailua again. Already have photos of that.

On the way home, John's Store was open and the kids finally got their shave ice:

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You're gonna need a vacation from your vacation!

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