Friday, January 08, 2010

Big Waves

On Thurs the waves were supposed to be 15-20' on the North Shore, so we went wave-watching. Or tried to anyway.

Overcast and angry at Laie Point:

Biggish waves but no clean break at Sunset:

Light lunch (shared a plate) at Giovannis, and then a stop for some swimming and out-of-the-car time in Laie.

Boyness drew us a sand fetus:

BittyPrincess countered with a mother-and-child drawing that, alas, was total nonsense to my eyes (and remained unphotographed).

Back to Tutu and Papa's house to hang with Aunty B and Uncle P and swim in the pool.

WAAAAAAY too much energy in the car during our drive time, so the kids have pretty much forced us to elect a difficult hike for today...

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