Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Love/Hate Coffee

Oh, magical stuff that gives me the staying power to sort through and reread gynecology LOs and articles until nearly 1am.

But I am not immune to its effects. I am now tired but not sleepy. And yeah, that sucks. This is why I usually don't drink anything caffeinated after 5pm.

I love that I've finished reorganizing all my Gyn stuff. I hate how I physically feel right now. Yeah. Love/Hate. Next time I'm out, I'm buying myself some decaf and mixing it in with the regular for these nighttime study sessions.

In the meantime, I'm going to go sit down with a non-school-related book and vibrate randomly until the caffeine clears my system. Or until enough of it does that fatigue overrides it and I drop instantly into an unnatural REM sleep cycle and wake up a million times tonight with random disjointed thoughts running halfway in and halfway out of my conscious awareness. Whichever.


~L~ said...

oh boy.

I bet you feel like a million bucks this morning.

Sage Femme said...

i love coffee, too.

and also hate it. :)