Saturday, March 24, 2007

Learning Opportunities

Wow, I think everyone learned something yesterday!

I learned not to take two cold, tired toddlers on a long walk home by myself. Too big to carry. Too small to get pissed at and demand they just suck it up and walk home quickly. My arms hurt.

M learned that the ~l~ house vortex is a reality.

M's toddler learned that you do not lick crabs.

My toddlerness learned that it is not a good idea to take a flying leap from the top bunk. Yes, she landed on her feet. No, there wasn't anything softer than, well, the carpet, there to catch her. She's in the other room telling her daddy about it now. "My legs, a sleeping bed, a JUMP! Look a my toes! Look a my feet! A JUMP! A hurt!"

Boyness learned that Mr. P could kick his ass.

DH learned that if he knows the camera is about to run out of batteries, but doesn't charge it, and all the more pictures I get to take of awesome beachness are the above preliminaries, I might just be a little irritable.

Ah, a learning kind of day.


~L~ said...

That was the best playdate! I don't think I've ever been to such an "old" playdate. The mix was perfect. That's what *I* learned!

I am glad that toddlerness is A-OK. Daredevil children, indeed.

Mackenzie said...

You also learned that storm drains can be REALLY exciting!

*d* said...

YEAH! VORTEX DAY!!!! I miss those.

fivedreamin said...

What a nice day! Great pictures! I hear ya on the uncharged batteries, unfortanetely it has happened to me.