Thursday, March 22, 2007

A poopie, a poopie

Because life just isn't complete until your toddlerness demonstrates just how like her daddy she is and starts making up her own songs. You write what you know, right? And toddlerness is toilet training, right? So her song:

A poopie, a poopie
Poopies, poopies
Flush a toilet, flushit!

Poopie, a Poopie
Poopies, poopies
Poopies on a floor, POOPIES!

Ah, doesn't your heart just melt? Or, um, not?

She's doing a fantastic job with the whole toilet training thing, so I guess I can overlook this bit of craziness. Kind of. As long as the older kids don't start singing with her.


~L~ said...

I can't disagree with you more. Poopie songs are the BOMB dot POTTY! They make worlds revolve and suns spin.

Go Nomi in the potty
Go Nomi shake your bootay
Go Nomi in the potty
Poop! Poop! Poop!

Niki said...

Oh come on ~l~ you know you'd rather hear her sing "Baby Mine" than "the Poopy Song."

Yeah, she sings about everything now. So cute. Except that she sings about EVERYTHING. If I could remember the penis song I'd tell you...similarly short little quasi-rhyme, something about "penis, penis a brother has it." It wasn't repeated, but the poopies song is. I just don't want the bigguns picking it up and belting it out all over the place. You know THEY thought it was hillarious.